Years spent freelancing in the film industry, I provide experience in various phases of production. From production to post-production I’ve worked on all levels of projects. I’ve worked for non-profits across the globe helping develop fundraising and awareness videos both producing, shooting, and editing. I’ve also worked in production on indie films, weekly television shows, and multi-million dollar commercials. 


I provide full post-production editing services as well as more technical skills like media management, transcoding, file taxonomy, export processing, all through  various editing programs such as Adobe Premiere Pro and Avid Media Composer. 


Stories crafted intentionally for you. I work in partnership with the client to bring that story to it’s full potential in a complete beginning-to-end videomaking service, at your need. Between recording interview testimonials for non-profits and more elaborate shot-by=shot productions I work with a capable team to provide high quality content that supports your mission.


Professional Editor. Experience in long-term projects turning in weekly cuts. Organized and taxonomized file systems for broadcast networks. Edited television shows, testimonial videos, and more. Transcoded and exported for delivery national ads for social media, streaming service, as well as linear broadcast.