Meet two recent graduates from after school program – Venturing Crew

The Stewpot Ministries includes an after school program so people receiving housing assistance has somewhere to put their kids on the week days after school ends. This year the Venturing Crew celebrates two of it’s recent graduates by telling their stories. Gissell Chapa will attend Harvard University in Fall of 2022 while Carlos intends to finish his core curriculum and focus on work in sales. These videos highlight the two stories while also informing the audience of the mission and work of Venturing Crew.

Venturing Crew president Gissell Chapa

Gissell Chapa’s family was intimately involved with the Stewpot’s ministries. They received food, clothing, blankets, ID assistance, and more from the Stewpot so when an opportunity came to enroll their daughter in a program for her enrichment they jumped at the chance. Gissell grew in the program and served as president of the Venturing Crew before graduating high school and attending Harvard University in Fall 2022.

Venturing Crew graduate Carlos Salazar

Carlos Salazar came to the Venturing Crew in 2021 not long after the global pandemic. He and his brother both attended virtual meetings for the after school program. Going virtual made his newcomer status tough to overcome since they couldn’t meet in person but Carlos says they quickly included him and warmed to his personality. Now Carlos credits the Venturing Crew with teaching him about federal student aid, college admissions programs, and even career programs he might have otherwise missed.