The Full Program for the 2022 Fundraising event – Soups On!

Every year Dallas’ prominent houseless service hosts a city-wide fundraiser called ‘Soups On!’ where guests from all over the metroplex join in a special in-person event to share and learn about the work of the Stewpot. From feeding houseless people to offering ID services and art therapy programs the Stewpot helps the impoverished people in the heart of Downtown Dallas. This fundraising event garners enough capital to support the staff ministries as well as all of their myriad programs. During the global pandemic the event went virtual with a special link shared for ticket purchasers. The 2022 year cycle the in-person event occurred again only this time a virtual option sent out later for supporters of the Stewpot who could not attend. I cut pieces of the live show with pre-recorded segments so virtual viewers would gain access to content not used at the show. The event was filmed live by an event team but extra segments and post-production process was handled entirely by me turning around an hour and ten minute show three days after the live event with editing, mixing, mastering, coloring, and compiling music. All music elements come directly from live broadcast feed.