DP: Daniel Pappas
Editor: Daniel Pappas
Director: Daniel Pappas

In the time of COVID-19 church services everywhere turned to digital recording/livestreaming. In an effort to maximize this format Rev. Alexandra Pappas planned a combined pre-recorded and in-person worship service to commemorate her ordination to the Presbyterian Church (USA) in a socially distanced and covid-friendly manner.

In conjunction with Rev. Pappas I planned and filmed several portions of the worship service, especially the music numbers and bible readings. These were shot in the worship hall where the service would later take place. These sections were played during the in-person worship. That service was recorded on two DSLR cameras and both portions were edited in for a final cut distributed to Rev. Pappas’ needs. It was then shared among any who would’ve participated in-person to share the good news.


Full Worship